Group discussion at the meeting of the minds about education equity

Educational equity in action

At a campus–community convening, toxic stress in children’s lives emerged as a critical problem to address

In June, more than 600 education leaders, researchers, policymakers, and nonprofit employees attended the University’s two-day meeting of the minds about educational equity and how to attain it. They left inspired and connected, with tools to work for change.


Toxic stress experienced by children emerged as a common theme and focus to address. Both keynote speakers on Day 1—Pedro Noguera from New York and Jeff Duncan-Andrade from San Francisco—identified toxic stress as a key issue for understanding persisting inequities and navigating toward solutions.

Participants generated ideas that became the focus of small groups’ work on Day 2. During a rigorous schedule of sharing and mixing, individuals gave feedback and shared experiences related to topics that spanned systems as well as children’s lives from birth to college.

Equity in action break out session

PowerPoint files and graphic art summaries of the keynote presentations, follow-up articles by the guest speakers, and summary documents of the ideas generated by participants can be viewed on the Educational Equity in Action homepage.

Adapted from coverage by Sarah Jergenson | Photos by Patrick O’Leary | Fall 2016