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Kevin Moe

Kirsten Mortensen

Web strategy design lead
Susan Andre

Jean K. Quam

Associate deans
Deborah Dillon, graduate and professionalĀ programs
Michael Rodriguez, undergraduate education, diversity, and international initiatives
Frank Symons, research and policy

Chief of operations
Rayla Allison

Susan Diekman, communications and marketing
Marina B. Aleixo, international initiatives
Susan Holter, external relations

Department heads
Ken Bartlett, organizational leadership, policy, and development
Lynne Borden, family social science
John Bricout, School of Social Work
Megan Gunnar, Institute of Child Development
Beth Lewis, School of Kinesiology
Cynthia Lewis, curriculum and instruction
Kristen McMaster, educational psychology

Alumni Relations
Serena Wright, senior alumni relations officer