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Spring / Summer 2024: From the Dean

THIS IS THE SEASON when we honor the achievements of our graduates. Their families, friends, and our faculty and staff gathered in May to acknowledge over 800 undergraduate and graduate degree recipients.
We also continue to face terrible global conflicts. By some counts, there are over a dozen wars underway across our small planet. Universities, where inquiry and dialogue form our bedrock, have long played a critical role in public discourse around social movements.

The University of Minnesota continues to be a model in this respect. And those of us that have been through decades of social movements know they take time, persistence, patience, and dialogue. Universities change the world in so many ways. We have endless examples of how CEHD faculty, staff, and students are changing the world and improving lives through teaching and learning, research and discovery, and public engagement and outreach.
In this issue of Connect, be sure to learn more about the telehealth innovations in our Institute on Community Integration; donor engagement in international initiatives and a recent trip to Thailand; the newly formed Northern Lights Collaborative for Computing Education and focus on creating sustainable and equitable computer science learning progressions for K-12 students; and the feature story on the Northside Job Creation Team developing models of sustainable jobs in North Minneapolis, through the department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development and multiple community partners.
I am also proud that we continue to host the LEAD conference, bringing over 400 educators, school leaders, and community partners to campus for two days of internationally renowned speakers, workshops, and net- working. This has become a destination event and a highlight of the year.
The University of Minnesota is a learning organization. We rely on our bedrock to continually learn how to do the work of higher education. And in this moment, we also celebrate the achievements of our graduates who will continue in their own ways making the world a better place. 


dean at library