Rethinking achievement gaps by focusing on ‘relationship gaps’

OLPD professors create free video resources for educators

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development Associate Professor Peter Demerath and Professor Michael Goh have created free video resources that focus on how educators can narrow what they refer to as “school-based relationship gaps.”

Originally tasked by former Minneapolis Mayor (and then-head of Generation Next) R.T. Rybak to rethink achievement gaps, Demerath and Goh’s research revealed a key, largely overlooked social disparity among students who have rich relationships outside of school, but lack similar trusting, respectful relationships in school.

To address this, Demerath and Goh developed a series of videos which show how seven Minnesota educational leaders are addressing school-based relationship gaps in their own institutions. Developed in close collaboration with researchers and media staff across CEHD, the resource includes six videos (an overview and five additional thematic chapters) along with episode-specific user guides providing discussion questions and additional resources for professional development and learning among educators and school administrators.

Topics include:

•  Narrowing Gaps between Families, Communities, and Schools

•  Overcoming Institutional Racism

•  Narrowing Gaps between Students and Teachers

•  The Promise of Culturally Responsive Curriculum and Teaching

•  The Role of Leadership

Story by Alex Evenson | Photos courtesy of OLPD | Spring/Summer 2020

The free videos and resources can be found here.