One scholar’s journey

Asha Omar is working to complete her PhD in Culture and Teaching and Elementary Education.

Asha Omar
Asha Omar

Asha Omar, who served as an equity teacher in Brooklyn Center Community Schools for two years and now as a first grade teacher, is working to complete her PhD in culture and teaching and elementary education in the Department Curriculum and Instruction. It’s safe to say that her journey would have been many times harder, if not impossible, without the CGC.

My first year at the University of Minnesota was not a smooth transition,” she says. “I really struggled with imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy. CGC was a huge help to me that year.”

Omar regularly attended monthly sessions hosted by the CGC and began to meet fellow scholars who experienced similar feelings their first year.

“They provided me so much support that made me feel seen, that my work was important,” she says. “They recommended different academic texts to read and had so many resources that they recommended that really helped me make it through that first year.”

Omar says the CGC truly changes lives. “Graduate school can be isolating,” she says. “There hasn’t been another space on campus that I truly felt supported and understood the experiences I was having. Without the support and mentorship that CGC had provided me, I wouldn’t be able to complete my program.”